Tokyo Auto Salon Part 2

We promised you another instalment of cool cars from our visit to Japan, so here it is! From big-power R32 Skylines, to a little van that looks like it’s made out of bread (yes, really!), there’s something for everyone here.

This Martin-inspired Porsche had to be one of the stars of the show.

This AMG racer was an absolute beast!

Only in Japan… 😉 Was this just a half-baked idea? Or was someone using their loaf to come up with this?


They love a bit of American muscle in Japan.

Check out this fully reworked Civic with some very innovative rear lights

Carbon fibre wheels looked awesome (just don’t ask how much they cost!)

One of many big-power R32 GT-Rs on display – surely one of the coolest Jap cars ever made?

Another Skyline looking 100% badass!

The Suzuki Jimny – we kind of like these – what do you reckon?

There was lots of high-end stuff, like this BMW and McLaren – all tuned and fitted with big, expensive wheels.

JUN are one of the original super-tuners on the Japanese market.

And to round things off, this crazy MX-5! Hope you enjoyed this little bonus selection from Tokyo – keep your eyes on our social media for the next blog update.