The debut race for our Golf TCR

The Castle Combe Challenge race day brought mixed conditions and the long awaited debut of our new Golf TCR car in the GT Championship. With Jamie currently leading the Championship, a good points haul was high on the agenda, but more important was to have a proper race for class honours with the mighty SEAT Supercopa of current champion, Ilsa Cox.

With lots of traffic, qualifying was hard for everyone and just over 0.1 second separated us from Ilsa. The race was a classic Castle Combe battle with an incredible field – the super-quick McLaren 650 and Noble M12 disappearing at the start, distancing the Viper and Nissan GT-R.

Back in the other half of the race, the Golf was locked in a race long battle, which was opened up at times by back markers, but closed back down again as Jamie chased the SEAT to the flag, with just 0.3 seconds separating the cars at the finish.

With margins this tight, it’s going to be a great fight right to the end of the season to see who takes the title.