Surviving lockdown for car guys

We’ve put together a list of cool car-based content to keep you busy. From detailing guides, to crazy modified builds, there’s something here for everyone. 

Have a virtual car meet

Most of us are part of Facebook groups dedicated to cars. Whether it’s a specific model, make or just a local group, it’s the ideal place to start a virtual car meet. Ask the admins to arrange a time and date, then get the message out far and wide for everyone to post a pic or video of them with their car. We may not be able to meet face to face, but we can all get together to check out each other’s cars online!

Note: depending on the group you’re a part of, this could either play out very well, with lots of positive comments and friendly banter, or end up in a massive bun fight. You have been warned! 😉 

Plan your next upgrades

With time on your hands, now’s the perfect opportunity to plan what you’re going to do next. Maybe you can get those slightly tired alloys refurbished? Take the plunge and turn your daily into a weekend track toy? Maybe do some research to find the best ECU software to increase power? Now’s the time to ask around, speak to tuners and make a plan. 

Note: you may be able to make a start on some of the upgrades (see Fit Car Parts below)

Detail the car

Never got time to wash the car? You have now! So really go to town on it. Invest in a snow foam lance, quality cleaning products and give your car the detailing of its life. Our friends at Meguiar’s have some awesome videos covering all areas of detailing and car care, from applying snow foam, to using a DA polisher. Hit the link and check them out.

Fit car parts

Although most tuners are closed, many aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers are still offering a mail order service. So, with time on your hands, why not get stuck into the upgrades? From a set of uprated brake pads, to an exhaust or air filter; it’ll keep you busy and improve your car for when things return to normal. All Ramair kits come with comprehensive fitting instructions (most with detailed pictures), so it’s a straightforward process for any competent home mechanic. We’re also offering next day delivery, so you get the parts, when you need them.  

Click HERE to see what products we currently have in stock and available for delivery.


You don’t need us to tell you that YouTube has copious amounts of car-based content to while away the hours. So, we’ve spent some time looking for the some of the best sites; from tuned car tests, to dream garages – there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a few of our favourites for you to check out…

Stav-Tech – 3.53k subs

Ex-Redline deputy editor Stav is the guru for all things tuning based – especially turbos! With a huge amount of experience building some epic cars over the years, his channel is full of cool stuff that you won’t see anywhere else. From home-made turbo setups, to detailed explanations of complex tuning tech – Stav tells it like it is – and there’s no BS!

Harry’s Garage – 321k subs

Ex-evo editor in chief, Harry Metcalfe has a fantastic collection of vehicles, which he regularly films for his channel. He has an extensive knowledge and passion for all things automotive and his reviews are well worth watching.

Car Wow – 3.69m subs

Ok, presenter Matt Watson may be slightly annoying, but look past this and there’s some great content on Car Wow. From real world test of the latest performance models, to cool head to heads on airfields – there’s something for everyone onto cars.

Mighty Car Mods – 3.27m subs

Marty and Moog are two Aussies who live for tuning. Their no-BS style makes a refreshing change to all of the slick cinematic content out there. They show how to do stuff and if it doesn’t work they call it out.

Boba Motoring – 206k subs

A channel dedicated to insanely fast cars launching hard, including the world’s fastest Mk2 Golf. What more could you ask for?

44teeth – 191k subs

If you’re into bikes – especially fast as fu** sports bikes, then 44teeth is for you. Presented by experienced moto journalist and racer, Al Fagan and internet sensation, Chris Eades (aka Baron von Grumble), these two produce quality content that has a an edge to it – with plenty of laughs thrown in. 

Monky London – 260k subs

Another guy who lives and breathes cars and tuning, Monky London has a great mix of testing cars that people have tuned, as well as working on his own projects.

Officially Gassed OG – 199k subs

Jamie has created a highly watchable channel, thanks to a confident presenting style and slick production. He genuinely loves all things tuning and really gets into each new cars that he tests.

Living Life Fast – 296k subs

Calvin is one of the original group of YouTube car guys and always has a great lineup of cars to test, as well as his own tuning journey. He’s also 100% open about the realities of tuning – including the infamous issue with his BMW M3 HP contract being cancelled.