Ramair Universal Twin Layer Foam Pad – DIY – Make your own air filter

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Ramair Twin Layer Aeriform 15mm thick universal foam cut to selected size and shape. This is ideal for custom air box applications. Simply cut to size and locate in airbox as desired. 

Ramair twin layer foam is unique and like no other in the market. It is impregnated with a polymer retention agent to give maximum dust filtration along with optimum performance.

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Material Thickness

15mm Twin Layer Foam


300 x 200mm, 600 x 400mm, 1000 x 500mm

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3 reviews for Ramair Universal Twin Layer Foam Pad – DIY – Make your own air filter

  1. Stephen Todd (verified owner)

    As the filter foam had free postage and arrived next morning I’m giving 4 stars – would have been 5 stars if not for the wrong address on the package

    I double checked the delivery address on my order – but the packing department sent to the wrong address – my house is not on all postal databases, so they seem to have sent to the first house in the street that was on their database

    The postman knows my house and wrote the correct house name on the package – so I got it OK, but I don’t see why the packing department couldn’t print out an address label from the order form – or at least cross out the incorrect house name and hand write my house name

  2. Christopher Leach (verified owner)

    Top notch foam and a doddle to work with. Cut out the nasty paper element on your filter, cut the foam to shape and glue in place.

  3. Christian Kay

    Excellent and (unexpected) next day delivery. My Honda Izy petrol lawn mower needed a new air filter and I refuse to pay Honda OEM replacement air filter prices. I am also not fond of paper element filters so this Ram Air foam filter is a perfect DIY replacement. I simply cut the Ram Air foam to sheet supplied to same size as old mower filter (Turns out Ram Air sheet is big enough to make three replacement filters for my mower) and fitted it into mower air intake aperture. Perfect fit. Mower runs and idles better I noticed with foam filter. Highly recommended. Thanks you.

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