PRORAM Ford Focus RS MK3 Crossover Pipe Induction Kit – Black


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What does it do?

This kit is a direct replacement for the OEM setup, it delivers increased airflow as well as an improved induction sound – perfect for anyone considering tuning their 2.3 EcoBoost RS.

The aluminium intake pipe maintains a 76mm diameter for maximum airflow and a laser-cut heat shield fits directly to the stock airbox mounting points to help maintain low intake temps. A CNC-machined mount for the air intake sensor is included and the stock engine cover can be re-fitted without modification. Supplied in an OEM-style black finish with comprehensive instructions and fitting kit

What’s in the kit?

PRORAM Synthetic Nanofibre Air Filter

The PRORAM synthetic nanofibre filter was developed using our extensive knowledge and background in the latest polymer technologies to produce these filters, they offer a high level of air flow and in turn, performance to your vehicle. The aluminium twin tangential velocity stack reduces turbulence and increases airflow. 

Aluminium Intake Pipe

Full, single piece, aluminium hard-pipe turbo intake incorporating laser cut and folded brackets and CNC machined billet sensor and re-circ pipe connectors. The pipework maintains a full 76mm diameter all the way back to the turbo inlet connection.

Heat Shield with OEM mounting points

Laser cut, precision folded heat shield powder-coated in black, is designed to fit directly to the standard OEM factory air box mounting points without the need for modification. The heat shield helps maintain low intake temperatures by providing a physical barrier between the air filter and the rest of the engine bay and directing the air from the factory cold feed around the filter cone.

Silicone Hoses

4-ply high-quality silicone intake pipe which maintains a smooth 80mm diameter inlet from filter to the MAF housing.

Full Fitting Kit

Includes all nuts, bolts, hose clamps, rubbers, and high quality silicone hose necessary to fit the kit to a standard car.

Comprehensive Fitting Instructions

Full pictorial, step-by-step installation guide, to walk you through the installation procedure.


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