Mikalor Stainless Steel Bolt Clamps W2 – Multiple Sizes & Quantity Available

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Product Description

For highly stressed applications heavy duty hose clamps are the preferred alternative to the traditional worm driven hose clip.The unique design of the Mikalor Supra heavy duty hose clamp ensures an even clamping pressure around the entire circumference of the hose clamp making them ideal for securing highly pressurised hoses or pipes, that function at high temperatures such as exhaust pipes and coolant or turbo hoses.

Technical Specs

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Clamp Diameter

17-19mm, 19-21mm, 21-23mm, 23-25mm, 25-27mm, 27-29mm, 29-31mm, 31-34mm, 37-40mm, 43-47mm, 59-63mm, 73-79mm, 104-112mm, 112-121mm, 121-130mm, 121-131mm, 34-37mm, 40-43mm, 47-51mm, 51-55mm, 55-59mm, 63-68mm, 68-73mm, 79-85mm, 85-91mm, 91-97mm, 97-104mm

Pack Quantity

1, 3, 10, 25, 5

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