Ryan Hatcher’s VW Corrado

The great thing about working with guys like Ed and Chris at Leadfoot Racing (LFR) is that when we need something special creating at Ramair, they can deliver the goods.

We work closely with them, as they often need custom-fitment air filters and induction kits for the weird and wonderful cars they build. We can supply pretty much any fitment, which is why we’re first choice for more specialist projects. Click HERE to see our range of universal fitment filters.

So it’s always exciting to see what treats they have in the workshop. On our most recent visit, we stumbled across Ryan Hatcher’s extreme Corrado. This once subtle looking VW Coupe has been transformed into something that looks ready to take on a zombie apocalypse.

It’s wide, angry and guaranteed to cause a stir wherever it goes. Oh yeah, and did we mention – it’s a diesel?

LFR’s Ed takes up the story: “Ryan came to us with the car already a work in progress, but he needed some custom fabrication.”

OEM purists may wish to look away now, but it  turns out this was originally a genuine Corrado G60 in really nice condition, before he decided to go full-on with it. Ryan had already given the whole exterior the rust treatment and fitted the PD 130 diesel lump, complete with exhaust which exits the bonnet.

“We were tasked with creating some bespoke bumpers and came up with the roll cage idea,” explains Ed. A huge amount of work went into perfecting the shape, which involved carefully bending pipework so that it all flowed together.

“We used the same technique for building bespoke roll cages, only this time it was for the bumpers,” laughs Ed. LFR carried out a huge amount of custom fabrication including fitting the extended arches, which involved cutting up a second Corrado shell to get the necessary parts.

“We created a flat boot floor and then fitted a motorsport fuel tank underneath, which is visible through the open bumper,” says Ed. A Lexan rear screen was then added to the tailgate, which opens with a neat little custom catch.

LFR also fitted the wheels, which offer a neat juxtaposition to the ratty looking styling. The gold split rims are absolutely immaculate and sit perfectly in the blistered arches.

Inside, Ryan had already created a fully hardcore cabin, which kicks off with a pair of bare aluminium Kirkey Racing seats. These uncompromising bum-rests look perfectly at home inside this aggressively styled VW, and it has to be said, they’re not that bad to sit on (as long as the sun hasn’t heated them up).

The rest of the interior is awash with neat touches – the elongated shifter features an artillery shell, while shotgun cartridges surround the gear gaitor. More shell cases are use for the door pins. The footwells are covered with wooden floor boards and the pedals are a mix of John Deer and Jack Daniels belt buckles – now there’s a combination!

When you crank up the 1.9-litre lump, there’s a puff of smoke from the bonnet, like you’d get from a big old American Peterbilt truck. The turbo whistles away and there’s a fantastic bark from the bespoke Ramair filter.

It’s great to watch people’s faces as they expect to hear the sound of a VR6, but get something very different. As befits the style of the VW, the filter was a little tired looking, but we couldn’t leave it like that and gave Ryan a nice new Ramair item, which he fitted.

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But that’s not the end of it. The rat ‘Rado is due back with LFR for a raft of further modifications, including some engine work and a full set of Lexan plastic windows. We’ll keep you updated.

Huge thanks to Ryan Hatcher for showing us around his extreme creation; you can follow him on Instagram @Hatchcoastcustoms.

Thanks also to Ramair dealers and automotive engineering gurus, Ed and Chris at Leadfoot Racing.