Ramair’s BMW – TAROX brake upgrade

Our man Chris Roberts doesn’t need an excuse to hammer his 600bhp BMW 135i on track, so when the recent Forge Action Day came around, he couldn’t wait to attack the 1.85-mile circuit. But there was a problem… 

After the last track session at Performance German Day, where he did 157 miles, the front pads were shot. 

With barely three days to go to the show, we called our friends at TAROX to see if they could help. Main man, Nick said he had just what we needed; a set of their with high-friction Corsa pads, which would fit the BMW’s Brembo setup perfectly. 

The new pads arrived just in time for Chris to fit them and spend time bedding them in ready for a hammering on track. So how did they perform?

In a word, faultlessly. After a couple of steady(ish) laps to warm up, Chris settled into his usual style of aggressively attacking the turns and using all of the circuit. Coming over Avon rise at well over 100mph and then heading into the notoriously tricky Quarry, requires a steady nerve and effective brakes. Chris was able to lean on the TAROX pads harder and harder each lap, scrubbing off speed efficiently, with no fade. 

There was plenty of feel through the pedal to inspire confidence – exactly what you need with over 600bhp in a rear-wheel drive car! Coming into Camp at 120mph, Chris was even able to lock the wheels, so there’ was plenty of bite!

The Corsa pads offer a best of both worlds – an aggressive bite for track driving, but they’re still effective from cold, with low noise and no squeal – ideal for Chris who still uses the car on a daily basis. 

Aside from the rear seats being removed, the rest of the BMW is full weight, so the TAROX setup had to manage the full 1400+kgs, lap after lap. They took everything that was thrown at them and allowed Chris to keep hammering until an engine issue halted the fun. 

After many hard laps, the Corsa pads were still in excellent condition and ready for the next track day. Chris is now keen to see how they perform on an open pit lane day where he can stay on track for longer sessions. He’ll also be putting them through their paces at the Castle Combe Action Day Finale on 12 October. 

Huge thanks to Nick at TAROX for helping us out at short notice. 

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