Ramair at RE Performance

One of the best things about being in our business is getting to work with so many exciting tuners. This week we headed over to RE Performance, to deliver one of our latest PRORAM induction kits for an Audi RS Q3 and to see what the Swindon-based supercar specialists were up to.

We also took the latest PRORAM filter specially developed for the 4.0 TFSI engine used in the Audi S6/7 and RS6/7, which Ricky will soon be fitting to a customer’s car.

Run by Ricky Elder, one of the most knowlegeable guys in the industry, RE Performance has built an enviable reputation in a relatively short space of time.

From maintenance and storage, through to performance tuning, including some big-power projects, RE Performance specialise in supercars.

A quick walk around the workshop reveals a plethora of cool cars, including several Gallardos, including a last of line LP570, a Ferrari 458, an 800bhp supercharged R8 GT, a monstrous McLaren 675LT and a Lamborghini Urus.

One of the highlights of our visit was a tour of the engine building room. Inside, this pristine set up revealed a multitude of internal components, all laid out neatly awaiting various rebuilds.

From forged rods and pistons, through to uprated valve gear and more, we saw the makings of three V10s, including a Gen 1 R8 V10 that’ll be running a twin-turbo Push Performance setup, a Gen 2 that will also be twin-turbo’d and a Gallardo.

In-house detailing specialists Pro-Detail offer a full range of services from ceramic coating to paint correction and PPF – essential for any supercar. While we were there an RS3 was having full ceramic coating, followed by a Lamborghini Urus in for PPF (paint protection film) to the front end.

RE Performance are currently working on their state of the art dyno cell, so we’ll be back soon to get one of the Ramair cars booked in for a run.

Thanks to Ricky and Jordan for showing us around and looking after us. Look out for a video of Jordan’s tuned RS Q3 running our PRORAM kit, soon.

Check out RE Performance and Pro-Detail on social media – @REPerformanceUK and @ProdetailUK