FAQ about website and ordering

How long will my product take to arrive?

The most common problem with shopping online is receiving the delivery. We want our customers to enjoy their shopping experience and we are pleased to offer a range of delivery services to suit their personal needs. We do however have daily order cut off times which are as follows.


  • 3:00pm – Royal Mail
  • 3:00pm – DHL
  • 3:00pm – DPD

DPD & DHL orders received after 3:00pm on a Friday will be dispatched on Monday and delivered on the Tuesday. (UK Customers)

Depending on the type of shipping selected at checkout will determine your expected delivery date. Weekend deliveries can be arranged but there will be a surcharge. If your in urgent need of assistance please do call our despatch team on +44(0)1672 564595.

Is my product in stock?

We stock nearly 98% of product on our website. On rare occasions a product may need to go through production to satisfy your order, in this situation you can expect to wait an extra 1-2 working days. If you have any concern about lead times please contact our despatch team on +44(0)1672 564595.

How do I return an item?

Within your account there is a simple section called “My merchandise returns”. Please fill out all the required details and we can process your return accordingly.

I’m unsure what filter is correct for me, what can I do?

Simply call us on +44(0)1672 564595 or contact us using the contact form. Give us as much information as possible and we will be able to locate the right product for you.

Where do you ship to?

Everywhere! Well almost. We use a number of highly competitive shipping methods to enable us to offer Ramair products the world over. If you can not see your destination listed in the shopping cart simply contact us and we can help you further.

Can you make a bespoke product for me?

Yes! Our unique business structure and production capabilities mean we can build almost any filter to your giving specifications. We have an in house research and design department that can cater for jobs small or large. Just contact us on either +44(0)1672 564595 or contact us using the contact form and we can talk through your requirements and quote accordingly.

FAQ about Ramair products

Why should I use foam filters over paper or cotton filters?

Nearly all cars now come fitted as standard with a paper type air filter, why ? Well mostly owing to the costs of a paper filter, it’s very inexpensive to produce & let’s not forget, cars are produced in their millions – so every penny saved boosts profits. The most obvious disadvantage with paper, is that the filter media is just that, paper. As we all know, paper does not like to be exposed to water / humidity. The instant that the paper media becomes damp it’s efficiency as an air filter reduces drastically. Yet RamAirs’ Aeriform material is unaffected by moisture – namely owing to it’s unique polymer oil. All RamAir filters carry a limited lifetime warranty , which means that they are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle.

All RamAir filters are manufactured using Aeriform technology which means that every single air filter has variable stage air filtration. Each filter is constructed in two or three different grades of foam to ensure maximum air filtration, unlike cotton/gauze filters. Cotton air filters have only one grade of filter media, which means that once this becomes contaminated with particulates the air flow quickly deteriorates. Laboratory tests have proven that RamAirs’ Aeriform filter media will outlast all cotton gauze filters.

Are Ramair products legal to use on my vehicle?

Yes! Even though we specialise in motorsport bred equipment, everything we make and sell is completely street legal in the UK and most of Europe.

How should I care for my filter?

How often you clean your filter depends entirely on its type of use. In most situations a visual inspection of the filter will indicate that it needs cleaning. We suggest that you use our foam specific cleaning kit (CK-003), the kit contains everything you need to clean and regenerate your filter. Please avoid the use of compressed air on foam as this will cause the a breakdown of the filter material.

Does my filter have a warranty?

Yes, all Ramair filters are produced with a full lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. This is limited to the first user of the product. For obvious reasons we are unable to accept warranty queries for second hand equipment.

Do you offer trade discount?

We do offer trade discount for established stockists or prospective international stockists. We also offer a full research and design facility for people requiring either private label or bespoke products. Please contact our sales team at info@ramair-filters.co.uk or +44(0)1672 564595 for more information.