Drado new shoot

We first showed you pictures of Ryan Hatcher’s stunning Corrado or ‘Drado’ as it’s now become known last year. The car was fresh out of the Leadfoot Racing workshop and we spent a day photographing it in the Salisbury countryside.

Since then, Ryan aka Hatch Coast Customs, has been rather busy and made some further modifications to the striking VW coupe.

So we caught up with him at Ramair HQ to film it for a video (which we’ll bring you soon) and to grab some updated photos.

Those of you who have seen the car at various shows this year will have spotted the most obvious change, the turbo poking out of the bonnet. But this isn’t just a relocated single turbo. This insane Corrado now runs a compound charged setup utilising a Holsett HX35 and a Garrett GT17V. There are no official power figures available as yet, but Ryan assures us that it shifts pretty well for a diesel and also makes a terrific sound, helped by the PRORAM filter sucking in air atop the cut out bonnet.

Other updates include a new perspex windscreen (after the original cracked) and a cool digital dash.

This is still one of the most striking cars you’ll see in the UK and is guaranteed to draw a crowd wherever it goes. But Ryan isn’t finished yet. Over the winter there will be some more work carried out to keep it fresh, ready for the 2020 show season. We can’t wait to see what he does with it.